Spancer Slowly we Rock

Crucial Blast (USA):

This stash of stuff from The Church Within is killin'...from The Deep Blue's crushing Sleep/Om-inspired trance sludge to Against Nature's proggy Maryland doom, every release that they've sent us has been a distinctly different take on slomo heaviosity. And Spancer might be one of the heaviest. This Germany band has two bass players, for starters, and we all know that if you need to get really heavy, two bass players will get you there nicely via some low-end overload. Slowly We Rock is their 2nd battle cry, following the 2001 album Countdown To Victory - I haven't heard that one yet, but this disc rocks pretty hard, a grooving blast of crusty psych-sludge with intertwining basslines, the one bass guitar is actually played more like a lead instrument with huge wah and fuzz-soaked basslines riding the fx-coated guitar riffs and heavy wah-wah abuse, growling rusted vocals trading off with monstrous death grunts, a bass heavy scum boogie like Electric Wizard mashed with Weedeater, blackened acid doom fused with sludgy Deep South drawl and bizarre metaphysical lyrics. Three songs but they're fucking monoliths, the shortest one is over 10 minutes long. By the time Spancer reach the 17-minute closer "Soulcadger", yer skull is heavily glazed in a drugtrip riff wipeout that rolls out over you like a wave of black lava. Totally pulverizing, droning acid-sludge in the realm of Warhorse, Dystopia, Grief, Winter, etc.