The Deep Blue Antartic Abyss

Crucial Blast (USA):

OK, these guys sound alot like Sleep. ALOT. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that they sound alot like Om, the post-Sleep power duo of Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius, 'cuz Deep Blue do a similiar drone-chord pound over Tibetan chanting thing. Of course, Deep Blue are a guitar/bass/drums trio, so the sound is more downtuned and crunchy and sludgy, but if there was ever a need to hear what Om would sound like as a full band, then Deep Blue are here to serve. That said, this is an excellent slab o' hypnotic trance sludge, coming at us from another new favorite label, The Church Within. Specializing in progressive, psychedelic-tinged doom and sludge, The Deep Blue fit right in with the melodic progressive sludge of Tekhton and the druggy tectonic dirge of Spancer. Split into two tracks, The Antartic Abyss (sic) features "Under The Ice: The Resurrection" and "Haunted Tide: The Freezing Storm", each roughly 13 minutes long, mighty hypno doom mantras of syrupy riffage and trippy chanting about ancient Lovecraftian ocean tyrants rising from beneath ice floes. Being a huge fan of both droning hypnotic riffage and ancient Lovecraftian beasts awakening from the ocean floor, I don't give a shit how indebted to Sleep/Om these guys are, this disc rules me.