Tekhton is a crushing DOOM band from Groningen, the Netherlands. Our influences come from a wide spectrum of music with a focus on DOOM. From St. Vitus to Neurosis and from Goatsnake to Orange Goblin.


Tekhton started out as LAHAR, originally founded by Bert-Rene and Dirk, Marco and Jurgen soon followed. They recorded a demo together, and played some gigs. The demo got very good reviews in the (underground) press. This resulted in a gig at the (in-)famous Doom Shall Rise festival. The festival marked the debut of Ralph the second guitarplayer. He brought the extra power at the live gigs, which the band felt they needed at the time.

Lahar started out as Circlesix (hence the www.circlesix.com) we changed our name because there were some other bands with the same name. The name Lahar awaited a similar fate. Too many Lahar's, we've counted 5 at some point, of which some were really good. The album was about to be released and we didn't feel comfortable about the name. So we decided to change the name, we figured it would be more difficult to do so after the release of our debut. Tectonic movements are causing Lahar's. Chtonic gods are the 'earthy' gods in Greek mythology. We combined the two,changed the spelling a bit and Tekhton was born

Summon the core
In the easter weekend in 2006 we recorded "Summon the core". We recorded it in the Potsound studio with engineer Edwin Pot. The Potsound studio is housed in 'Het Viaduct' where we also have our rehearsals. Because of the DIY way it got together it took us guite some time to get it mixed and mastered (both by Roman vd Meulen). Meanwhile Oli the doom-dealer told us he started his own label and wanted to release the album. Of course we agreed and here we are.


We're very busy writing new material and trying it in a live setting. We hope to start the new recordings this year. Meanwhile "Summon the core" gets great reviews, much to our relief.

In a country scared by the rising tides, only a few paid attention to the slow quakes in the crust of the earth. Continental shifts below the surface of the northern part of the Netherlands gave birth to TEKHTON. The conception was a long and hard process. It all started around 2002 with some light tremors which led to a small eruption in 2004, a demo was recorded. Since then the band shifted many masses of land in and outside of the Netherlands. Highlights were the Doom Shall Rise festival in Germany, and the gigs in France and Belgium.
So the band exists since 2002. Bert-René, Dirk, Jurgen and Marco, started out as a four piece known as LAHAR. They knew each other from former bands like 'Thy Withering Orchard' and 'Crystal Darkness'. In 2002, stoner rock was too happy and doom-metal got drowned by red wine and strangled by self-pity. About time to bring some uncompromising raw doom to the world.
At the end of 2003 they recorded the first demo, which was released in January 2004. The demo got well received in the 'doom underground'. The demo got some great reviews (“Makes ‘The Passion of the Christ’ seem like Mother's milk") and sold out. There was a limited reprint for Doom Shall Rise with some extra songs on it, that sold out quickly as well.In 2005 Ralph joins the band. Tremors become heavier and a second eruption follows. In 2006 the debut album is recorded and the band changes it's name to TEKHTON. Shifting continents is a lengthy process, as is releasing the debut album. But in 2007, around the summer solstice, 'Summon the core' enters this world. Days are getting shorter again and the songs longer. The album is released by 'The Church Within Records' from Germany a very promising label with already some great releases under it's belt.