Versus the Stilborn-Minded

Welcome to the down tunes of VTS-M!

Versus the Stilborn-Minded

VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED love to celebrate what they meticulously describe as Psychopesludgedoom if they are threatened to do so. This means very heavy, very slow, very loud and very very down-tuned DOOM.

For more impressions just read these reviews/comments about VTS-M:

"An impressive slab of Sludgecore with an impact of extreme Doom. Highly recommended for fans of Eyehategod, Fleshpress, Sourvein.."
Mark Hegedüs / psycheDOOMelic

"The band borders between stoner/Doom of YOB heaviness and filthy Sludge/DOOM in the vein of Corrupted, Sunn O)) can also be heared.."

"Germanies amplifier worshippers #1. This goes in the vein as Sludgedoom legends Soulpreacher and Molehill with just a bit more Doom and downtued feedback guitars. VTS-M is one of the best Sludgedoom bands I heared from germany besides Spancer and Subversion. Good stuff and superheavy to the max.."
Ralf Burkart / Daredevil Mag.

"Versus The Stillborn-Minded hail from Germany and deliver a sickeningly heavy blend of slow Doom grooves and down-tuned Sludge pain. Seven nihilistic tracks for those of you who like to go nowhere and do it slow."
Game Two Records

"VTS-M are a great surprise with their dose of Sludge Doom/Drone. Definately for fans of extreme stuff of labels like Southern Lord!"

Versus the Stilborn-Minded

How come ?

On December 1, 2000 there was a concert whereby Boris B. and Robin P. more or less successfully tried to perform with their then current bands. Catalyzed by Torsti T. they founded VTS-M just when the gig was over.
This talented constellation rehearsed at a relatively low productivity for about 1½ years.

But productivity could be hugely increased by forcing Satti onto the battleship as a guitarist, a step which condemned Torsti to the bass guitar.

The first public performance on June the 5th 2002 showed the path for VTS-M which was fortified in concrete with the recording and unleashing of their debut "Audibly Bleeding". After the recordings Jens P. joined as further guitarist.

So the line-up was completed:

Boris B. - vocals
Florian S. - guitar
Jens P. - guitar
Torsten T. - bass
Robin P. - drums

Instead of the fanatically expected international breakthrough many gigs, small tours with bands like PENANCE, ORODRUIN, CHURCH OF MISERY, NEGATIVE REACTION, WALL OF SLEEP, STEREOCHRIST, HEAVY LORD, SPANCER ….. followed.

Versus the Stilborn-Minded

The most recent work "Treatise on Ruins" was recorded on the same sessions as the Split LP (with our beloved friends of SPANCER "SPLIT PERSONALITIES BUT ASSEMBLED IN DULLNESS, released by THE SKULL Rec.).

"Treatise on Ruins" is very glad to have found a home:

THE CHURCH WITHIN Rec. will be home and castle for VTS-M´s future releases as well.